New Kingdom royal cultic complex

The second SEAMS project involves the excavation of a small New Kingdom royal cultic complex located 1.5 km notheast of Kom el-Khamseen and 700 m from the large enclosure of Gisr al-Mudir (early dynastic), within the large desert area surrounding Kom el-Khamaseen that constituted the Mission’s initial concession (southwest Saqqara). The site, previously unknown, was discovered during the survey of the 2019 season.

This complex was excavated in the 2022 season. Final detailed interventions and verifications remain to be carried out. The complex is made up of two topographically and archaeologically distinct areas: a small quadrangular building and more than thirty ceramic accumulations around it, to the south and west.

For a brief descripton of the results of the work: Season 2022.

Northern part of the adobe cult building. In the background, the stepped pyramid
Fragment of wall painting, with the head of a king with a wig and ureus on his forehead, looking to the right
One of the ceramic accumulations

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