Season 2023

The 2023 season has taken place in the first half of June and has been eminently technical. We have made an exhaustive study of the concession area, in northwest Saqqara, from a spatial, topographical, and geological point of view. We hace studied the composition of the terrain to understand the geological context in which these tombs were built and their shafts and burial chambers dug, as well as the deposits of gravel and sand that cover them today. We have made first topographical maps. But, above all, we have carried aout an extensive archaeological, geomagnetic and geo-radar survey of the area granted. This will help us to plan the work that we will carry out from the 2024 season onwards, which will begin the systematic excavation of the monumental mastaba of Sabu Tjety.

Magnetic prospecting work in the site
Works in the area of the mastaba of Sabu Tjety
The three members of the geophysical prospecting company Sot: Helena, Pedro, and Roger, prospecting the Sabu Tjety mastaba with a georadar
The unevenness of the ground sometimes makes it difficult to move the radar forward
Josep takes notes in a unique setting...
Oriol and Roger decanting sands and gravels to find out the geological composition of the soil
Our photographer, Albert, ever stealthily ubiquitous...

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