Ismail Mostafa


Ismail Mostafa is an inspector of antiquities in the Saqqara Inspectorate for the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt since 2010. He received his BA in Egyptology from the Alexandria University (2008).

His archaeological experience has been developed in many archaeological sites. He trained in archaeological work and documentation in the Archaeological Site Management Plan Training Program in 2012, and the Czech Field School in Saqqara in 2014.

He was an excavator and site documenter in the Japanese Mission in Saqqara (2019) and the SCA Excavations in the western part of the Step Pyramid complex (2013, 2018). In the latter project he was also an illustrator. He worked as a Mission Inspector in the Japanese Mission in Dahshur in 2026 and the Czech Mission in Abusir in 2019, and he is currently a member of the Spanish Mission in South-West Saqqara.

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