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Mahmoud Header Elsagher is an inspector of archaeology (Saqqara Area) for the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt since 2006. He graduated from the Alexandria University and received his BA in Egyptology in 2007.

He trained in the Australian Expedition at Saqqara and in the Mit Rahina Archaeological Field School (Mark Lehner) in 2011.

Since this date he gained more archaeological experience through his work in many sites. He worked as a mission inspector in the Egyptian Mission in South Saqqara-Isesi Pyramid Complex, the Metropolitan Museum Mission in Saqqara, the Japanese Mission in Saqqara, and the Czech Mission in Abusir, and he worked as an excavator and site documenter in several sites, such as pyramid 29 in Saqqara, the Gisr el-Mudeer, the Sekhemkhet complex, the Tety pyramid cemetery, the Userkaf pyramid, the tomb of Rashepses in Saqqara, and he carried out tasks of supervision in the step pyramid project

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